My Birthday?

My birthday is next tuesday o madri wain aro7?

Abi mokan 7ilo, yeded, fee awadem san3a, WAIN!?

Got any suggestions?


Near Death Experience #3: Hit By a Train.

When: 1997

Where: Boston, Massachusetts.

Remember habat il game boys? wasnt it the best? I had a see through one that day. I was walking bil subway WHILST playing with my new gameboy. Let me tell you something, THAT WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Why: Cuz i got so into the game that i lost focus on everything around me, all i was hearing were the mario sounds on the teeni tiny device, i was winning i had just gotten to a higher stage. What i didnt realise was, i was walking diagonally heading on the right side instead of straight, and what was on my right side? Yep, the train.

So i kept on walking and walking, heading for that speeding, huge scary train to hit me.  There were three steps left for me, to step right infront of the train. I heard the horns of the train going ballistik, but what i didnt know was that they were for me. 2 steps left for me to be infron of that train, and i heard distant screams of my name. Then i looked up and everything was suddenly crystal clear i had stepped the final step right infront of the train, i couldnt move or think, and everything went slow motion, i saw the driver panic and gesturing for me to move, but i kept staring, i could still hear my mom shouting in a distant, i saw my cuzin running so fast towards me, “she’ll never make it on time” i thought, I saw strangers looking at me waiting for me to do something, isaw evertying. Then i closed my eyes expecting myself to die

BUT! i was yanked from the back of my shirt that i landed on my butt SO HARD. I fell on my back staring at the cieling still shocked. I saw her, It was my cuzn, my beautiful savior! Then my mom came running and cussing at me while i was still lying on the floor , in pain. “intay 7mara! maynona! matshofeeen?! wain li3btich hathi 3a6eneyaha”.

Oh well i bet she was used to it by now:P

***Coming to you live from Enchanteurs brain***

Professor McGorgeous

I cant even begin to explain on how BLANK my brain is, sarli sina ga3da a7awel afaker ib shay akteba BAS MO RATHI YE6LA3 SHAY! LAISH?!

So i decided to do what i do best, and it is to improvise. SO this post is coming to you live from my oh so mediocre brain. So, since you love my horror stories (meaning my most embarrasing moments;p) Im going to think of one.

OH! did i tell you i have a crush on one of my proffesors?! He is so dreamy and intimidating. I LOVE HIM! too bad he’s married and had kids. So let me tell you what happened in class today.

As usual his lecture was going by so BEAUTIFULLY with his brilliant ideas, as he was explaining how important and issential literature is in our lives he asks:

Professor McGorgeous: so what does literature give us, and what is the question in literature…

Me: (cutting him off) What is life?

Professor McGorgeous stares at me for 3 seconds and says: Wow, beautiful amazing. And what is your name?

As he turns around to write those three words on the board.

Me: enchanteurs.

He turns around and stares at me again for a GAZILLION SECONDS.

Professor McGorgeous: Enchanteurs, that is a name i must always remember, beautiful beautiful.

ISNT HE DREAMY?!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHH!! and i melted in my seat!!!!!! and felt my face turn red and felt ALL envious eyes were on me !!! I WAS THE QUEEN OF THE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***coming to you live from enchanteurs brain***


Guess Whoz FINALLY Back? ;p

Yep im back ;p i fixed my laptop min zeman bas i got so caught up weya il jam3a and all that crap. FUN! So am so sorry again! im back now, tegderoon tzefooni if u want! ;p

Sooo let me tell you what happened in the past few weeks..

Ummm, i started jam3a :s …

aaaaaaaand………….  omg NOTHING!

So tell me whats new with u ? min il 3eed. 😀


Hello loved ones im so sorry , my laptop 5arban and am waiting for it to get fixed 😦 so till then ;* IM SORRY AGAIN!

Another Love Story (part 10 Finale)

“sara?? Sara ma ghairha? Sara ili baghat t5areb baini oo baina?! How could he sink that low? Does he know how cheap she is?! Yadri inha kalemat flan oo 3elan? yadri inha.. istaghferelah mabi a7e6 ib themeti..”

Mays: Bas sayra moshkela, i5ta za3lana 3alaih o mo rathya tkalma ib hal seba.

Mother: haw laish??

Mays: madri, 3ad kanaw rabe3 7ail, bas i5ta mo rathya ina ya5eth’ha.

“ee 3ashan tadri 3an sowalifha oo sya3at’ha!”

Mother: wee wee wee! inzain o meta ib ya56ebha.

Mays: madri wala yuma bas lail7en mo aked 7achi bas.

Mother: eeeeh zain ashwa.

And she looks at Lamees with sympathy in her eyes, Lamees thought she had imagined it. “She couldt feel sorry for me, it was because of them that my dream shattered into pieces.”

A week later, Lamees was in her car on her way to her friend’s house. Her phone rang, she saw the number. Without thinking she hit the flasher o ra7at 3ala 7arat il amaan. She stared down at her phone, in shock not believing what she was seeing. It was bader calling her. Then it stopped ringing. “Did that just happen? She kept on staring at it, why would he be calling me? isnt he getting married soon? Was he going to say goodbye? I’m not up for that!” She jumped when her phone vibrated in her hands, it was a message from him.

Bader: Sorry dagait 3aalaich, i could understand why u wouldnt want to talk to me, bas abi akalmich.

Without thinking, she called him back. It rang once.

Bader: aloo!

As soon as she heard his voice, a tear fell on her cheek, “i missed him”.

Bader: alo?

Lamees: halaa.


“why did he go quiet? Did he feel the same way? Hah! i doubt, Lamees he forgot u, hes getting married.”

Lamees: alo?

Bader: shlonich lamees?

Lamees: il 7imdela, inta shlonik?

Bader: zain….

Silence, she could tell it was as hard for him as it was for her.

Bader: wainich?

She just realised that she was parked on the side of the highway.

Lamees: ray7a bait refejti, laish?

Bader: la madri, met3awed as2elech hal so2al.

Lamees: shbaghait bader?

Bader: madrii lamees min wain abdii…


Bader: athen inich sema3..

Lamees: ee sema3t.

Bader: 3an shno?

Lamees: mo ib tetzawaj sara?

Bader: mno galich batzawaj?

Lamees: bas tkalemha?

Bader: Lamees shfeech tetkalemain chethi?!

Lamees: bader inta 5alseni shno tabi ?!

Bader: awal shay hadii a3sabich ana mo dag atnajar weyach!

Lamees: mani imhadya a3sabi! inta laish dag? shtabi? shili baini o bainik 3asha…

Bader: Lamees wala il 3atheem lail7een a7ibich.


Bader: wala il 3atheem mo ga3ed achathib YAH!

Lamees: bader?! int yanait!? int btetzawaj!!


Lamees: kilman yadri!

Bader: istaghferelaaah. inzain momken matsar5een 3ashan a3arf akalmich al7een?

Lamees: shno?

Bader: oo momken ma tanzereeen ya3ni?

Lamees: ok.

Bader: ok ana kalamt sara bint 5alti, wala mali niya ini atzawajha, wala li niya 7ata a7ibha sadgeeni! ana dag awathe7lich kilshay?

Lamees: shno ya3ni i5ti itges 3alay?

Bader: la i5tich matges 3alaich intay sem3eeni al7een, intay t3arfeen a6ba3 sara, o t3arfeen ihya shlon sayra, madri 7asait ro7i wala shay min hadaiteeni, wala il 3atheem thi3t, o malegait jidam wayhi ila ihya, mojarad sowalif, o gamat tdeg 3lay kilyom, o ksarat 5a6ri il bint…

Lamees: ya3ni ib teqna3ni inik malik shighel feeha mathalan?

Bader: Lamees, bet5alini akamil wela la?

Lamees: kamil.

Bader: il mohim, ta3aligat feeni, oo ana mithel matgoleen ta3awadt 3alaiha, o ymken thalamt’ha weyay madri Lamees bas wala makan ib neyeti shay, o il habla ra7at gaalat 7ag omha inha itkalemni, o omha il yom il thani yayatni itgol yala meta ta56eb binti? tara itha 3abalich sara habla tara 7ata omha ahbal minha. Oo ana al7een mibtelesh feehom, mifteshel min ahali kilihom lanha fthe7atni bil 3ayla kilaha. o kilman 3abala ina i7na in7eb ba3ath. o lama i5ti sme3at hal shay matkalemni o matkalemha z3alat 3alaina i7na il athnain. Itgol inta matadri shno sowalifha o madri aish.

Lamees: ok bader… o shil ma6loob mini?

Bader: salamtich, bas kint bawathi7lich il mawtho3.

Lamees: watha7ta o ba3dain.

Bader: laish t7acheeni chethi ?

Lamees: shlon tabini a7acheeek?? ana lama kint abi aseer ur friend u used to push me away al7en lama inta tabi itfathfethli tabini asme3ek ya3ni?

Bader: Lamees.

Lamees: na3aam?

Bader: mategdereen t7awleen ma3a ahalich mara thanya?

Lamees: La bader ma agdar.

Bader: laaiish ?

Lamees: inta awal 7el moshkeltik weya bint 5altik awal!!!

Bader: lat5afeen in7alat.

Lamees: lail7en a7isik chathab bader. o mani gadra asadgik.

Bader: ana chathab?

Lamees: ee.

Bader: yeslam rasich lamees, bas bathbetlich ini mo chathab.

Lamees: ok yala ma3a il salama.

Bader: bye.

“What the hell have i done?! Why am i talking to him that way!?” She started crying so hard, that she couldnt see what was infront of her. She managed to get to her friends house, called her friend that she was outside, not knowing how her friend understood what she said mid-sobs. Her friend came running down, and saw lamees get out of her car her eyes and nose were bloodshot red. She ran and hugged lamees, and she collapsed in her arms.

Two days later Lamees was sitting in the living room, staring at the TV. She was still a body without a soul, she was a zombie. Her mother came and sat down next to her.

Mother: Lamees, intay mkalma bader?

Lamees: Ha? Laish?

Mother: oma dagat mara thanya.

“Bathbetlich ini mo chathab”

Lamees: Laish?!

And her mother smiled with tears in her eyes.

Mother: ya56ebech mara thanya.

Without thinking Lamees threw herself on her mothers lap and started crying, and screaming.

Lamees: Yuma alaah i5aleech wafqaaay! Yumaa alah i5aleeeech! allah i5aleekom yuma 7isaw feeeni! Yuma matadreen shkether i7ibni wa7ebaa! Wala il 3atheem 5osh wa7ed! laish matsadgooniiii??? Walaaa yuma i7ibniiiii! Alah i5aleech yuma lata7remoona min ba3ath! 7aram 3alaikom!!!!!!! ili sawaitoooh feeni mo shwayaaaa!!!!! 7araaaam 3alaiiikoooooooooooom!!

She looked up and her mother was crying too.

Mother: obooch mara7 yertha Lamees.

Lamees: ana akalmaaa!! wala ana akalma!

Mother: La 5aleeni ana akalma.

She couldnt believe her mother was saying that, she stared right through her eyes, “was she joking? ga3da ta5ethni 3ala gad 3agli wela shno?”

Lamees: shno?

Mother: ana akalma.

Lamees: intay mwafqa?

Mother: La, bas mo raftha. Wlani meste3eda ashofich chethi baji 3umrich.

Lamees jumped up and hugged her mother so hard. “Mo raftha! aham shay inha o raftha!!”

The next couple of days were not easy, everyone found out, her brothers and sister. Her aunts and uncles, everyone had a different opinion. Her brothers and father didnt talk to her, and her sister and aunts were on her side along with her mother. This was the final battle in this war. Everytime she saw her father she started begging him with her eyes, she flaunted her tears infront of him, just so that he would feel sorry for her and change his mind. But this time, it was different, she had hope. Her mother was with her, she had even spoken with Bader, talking about religon and everything, Oo Bader already gayel ina ohwa meste3ed ighayer mathheba 3ashani, o i3yalna ikonon 3ala mathhabna, Lamees didnt like that. She wanted him to have his own beliefs and out of that they’d manage and they would work it out. But he seemed to convince Lamees’ mother. And she was fine with that, just as long her mother was fine too.

Lamees didnt stop trying, she tried and tried and tried……….


2 years later, Lamees got married, and had just found out that she was pregnant. She was hysteric and called her mother.

Lamees: yumaa.. (crying and laughing at the same time)

Mother: haw shfeeeech?!

Lamees: yumaa barkeeeliiiii…

Mother: shno mabrook? 5air inshala. 5ara3teeeniii yuma!

Lamees: yuma ana 7aamil..

Mother: (tyabib) ba3ad 3umrii 3al baraka! ya galbii wala bshara hathiii.. (and she starts crying too)

Lamees: inzain bas ne6ray latgooleen 7ag a7ad ok.

Mother: ee la akeed, intay shlonich al7een 3asa mako lo3a o do5a?

Lamees: la yuma il 7imdela 🙂

Mother: alf il 7imdela, waay yafar7eti wala lo agol 7ag oboch ib yestanis 🙂

Lamees: 5alas yuma ana basakra al7een. akalmich ba3dain ok?

Mother: 5alas inshala, ta3alay moreena 3ad.

Lamees: inshala, yala bye.

Mother: ma3a il salama.

As soon as she closed the door, her husband walked in. And her heart started beating, so fast, and tears ran down her cheeks. She was smiling too. Her husband walked towards her looking concerned.

Lamees: Bader, ana 7amel.

**The End**

Another Love Story (Part 9)

“What? How could he be that reackless! How could he not tell me! 7a6ni jedam il amr il waqe3! I cant believe he did that”

Lamees: oo laish matwafqon ya3ni?

Mother: oo laish awafeq! awalan o oho il aham ohwa mo min mathhabna! 3abalich ba5alech mithil i5tich! la 7abeebti sim3ay kalam omich o sem3ay nasee7ti o i5thay wa7ed min mathhabna! aham shay il deen tara!

Lamees: bas yuma ana abeeh!

Mother: Yanaitay? shtabeen eser fe oboch o i5wanich tara ma7ad bewafeq!

Lamees: yuma ohwa 5osh wa7ed!

Mother: Lamees! tkalmeena sa7!?

Lamees went quiet, she had to tell her mother the truth.

Mother: itha itkalmeena 3irfay al7en intay ga3da tthay3een wagtich! oo ta5seren ahalich fa a7sanlich insa7bay. Ya i7na ya oho!

Lamees fell into a deeper hole, omha sakerat kel el beeban ib wayha. But she didnt give up she kept trying, and trying for days and weeks and months. But when the problem grew, her father found out. He wasnt happy with his favorite child, she was always his favorite and hated to dissapoint him. But this time she crossed the line. And like her mother, sakar kil il beeban ib wayha. She had only one thing to do. To break up with bader, and break both their hearts.

It wasnt easy, infact it was one of the hardest thing she had ever done. It felt like she ripped her own heart out and stepped on it repeatedly. And what made it harder was, the last word she heard him say “Karahtich”.

She believed that, even if sounded fake she beleived it, cuz she hated herself too. She tried to be his friend, she tried to be there for him. But everytime she tried he drew further and further away. Now she was convinced that he hated her, just as much as she hated herself.

She saw him occasionally after they broke up, but he was cold, colder than ice. He wouldnt even look her way. She felt weak and defeated, she still loved him. And wondered how could he stop loving me that easily. She spent months and months crying herself to sleep, she wasnt alive, her parent felt guilty and treated her even better than before, they got her anything she wanted, the even got her a new car. But that didnt make her happy, she walked around like a lifeless creature, lurking in the halls, she kept herself busy with anything, and she got better grades and managed to raise her gpa and get on the honors list. Even THAT didnt make her happy, she even got a scholarship to get her masters abroad. THAT! didnt even make her happy eventhough it was another dream come true. But the dream she always wanted, will never come alive.

A year later, also on valentines day. She went out with her mother and sister, they were talking casually. And ofcourse her mother pulled out the marriage card.

Mother: inshala i5tich tetzawaj madri shna6ra ta5arejat o kil ma wa7ed yetqadamlaha it6ali3 feeh 3aib o matabeeh.

Lamees: yuma shfeech abi akamil derasti o derasti aham shay 3indi al7en. tawni sgheera!

Mother: shno sgheera!? ili ib 3umrich tezawejaw! wentay 7athretech betsafreen tadresen bara!

Mays: yuma shfech lataghsebenha 3ala shay matabeeh!

Mother: o mno gal ini ga3da aghsebha, bas il zawaj seter! o ib qamthat 3ain ymeron il sneen. o rfethatlaha 5osh reyayeel wala!

Lamees: yuma bas plzzzzz!!!

Mother: allah yhadach bas, shofay waala kilman ib 3umrich tezawaj, ya7eloha bint 5altich eb 3ers’ha thak il yom.

Lamees: allah ywafeg’ha yuma.

Mays: ee kelman ga3ed yetzawaj al7een, Bader shakelhom ib ya56ebonla. (Mays didnt know the whole story about bader and lamees)

Her heart sunk, “ay bader ay bader?!”

Mother: ay bader?

Mays: weld i5it rayli.

Her heart sunk even deeper. She couldnt believe what she was hearing. Her bader?! “MY BADER?”

Mother: siiij mnooo???

Her mother also seemed stiffened.

Mays: Bas mo akeed 7achi.

Mother: ee mno n3arfha?

Mays: ee sara bint 5alta.

**to be continued**

Another Love Story (part 8)

This is by far the worst thing that might happen to her, just when she finally had her dream come true, and the guy that she loved all those years FINALLY returns that love for her.. It had to end. She wasn’t ready to lose her family over anything. It killed her, she went to her room shut the door and slammed on her bed, crying her eyes out. “I have to end it!” She sobbed repeatedly. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, they felt endless. Just like her love to him. Her phone rang, it was him. What was she going to do? She fought back her tears, and picked up the phone.

Bader: ha shga3ed tsaween?

Lamees: nothing ta3bana wedi anam.

Bader: Laa? matshofeen shar shfeech?

Lamees: madri walla shakli bastamreth.

Bader: 7abeebti matshofeen shar. Tabeen tnamen al7een?

Lamees: ee.

Bader: ok, bas bagolich shay.

Lamees: shno?

Bader: 3umri ib 7ayati ma7asait ini mestanis o 6ayer chethi. Sij ghayartay 7ayati, o adri ina yom min il ayam intay betsereen murti.

Lamees: me 2 .

Bader: 5alas intay naamay o itha baghaitay shay dgay 3alay ok?

Lamees: ok.

Bader: good night.

Lamees: Good night.

She felt as if her heart was torn out of her chest and cut up into pieces. But his words changed her mind, “I’m not going to give up” She thought, “The least i could do is try.”

That night Lamees cried herself to sleep, and dreamt that Bader got married and he lived happily with his wife, while she stood looking at them, staring, hear heart in pain, it seemed too real. This dream shook her up, she had to do something, soon.

Days passed, while she carried that burden on her shoulders. She carried the battle between the most people that she loved in her life, her family and the only man that she loved.

Bader noticed that she changed, he kept on asking her what was wrong? But she kept on making excuses or attempts to change the subject. Until one day he blew up on her.

Bader: intay matgolinli shfeech? 3abalich ma7es? 5ubz eedi intay sirtay! adri ina feech shay o 5asheta! it shows! bas gelt 5al an6er ymken ihya min nafs’ha tgooli! Lamees please golili tara masarat wayed galbi ga3ed yetga6a3 3alaich! ana mza3lich ib shay? imgaser ib 7agich? a7ad imthaygich?!

Lamees: la wala il 3atheem la.

Bader: 3ayal shfeech? Please golili.

His voice sounded weary, and she felt like shit for making him feel that way. She broke into tears, she couldnt hold it in anymore.

Bader: afa lamees! shfeech?! allah i5alech golili latga63een galbi shsayer?!

Lamees: bader omi..

Bader: shfeeha omich! feeha shay?!

Lamees: laaa ! la !

How could she say this without hurting his feelings! “my mom matabi iser baini o bainik shay lana mathhebik ghair mathhebi?!” It sounded so stupid as she said it in her mind.

Bader: goolay.

He sounded really weak and out of breath.

Lamees: bader, please abi tefham gabil la agolik ay shay. Ina this is not how i feel, and you have to know shkether ana a7ibik.

Bader: golay, allah i5alech golay.

Lamees: bader omi mo rathya a5eth wa7ed min mathhebik.

She heard him sigh, and he fell silent.

Bader: oo shma3na maysa ma5tha 5aali?

Lamees: Mays is not happy Bader, my parents could see that, and they blamed it 3ala il mathhab.

Bader: How is she not happy ya3ni?

Lamees: mo merta7a ma3a rayelha .

Bader: adri its going to be a problem lamees if we get married, bas ana weyach we could overcome anything, ra7 itseer mashakil adri! bas it wont be a major one!

Lamees: bader i know!!! i told u hatha ray ahali mo rayee ana ! shsawee?! shlon aqna3hom.

Bader: Lamees, mako a7ad yegdar yogaf ib wayhna, ana ma5thich ma5thich!

She wanted to believe that, she wanted that to happen more than anything! But could it happen?

Another week passed oo ohma 3ala ib 7aala wayed sa3ba. She cried 24 hours a day, she didnt eat and didnt sleep. But bader seemed to have hope more than she did, and that made it harder for her. She didnt want him to have his hopes up.

One day Lamees was watching tv in her room, when she heard a knock on the door and it was her mother.

Mother: sh3alaaaaaaaich! Yayeelich 5e6a6eeeeb!

Lamees: Heheh sij? mno? ;p

Mother: bas geltlihom binti tawha sghayra! walaw ina mo hatha il sebab.

Lamees: huh?

Mother: tadreen mno?

Lamees: mno?

Mother: om bader liflani.

**to be continued**

Another Love Story (part 7)

The next couple of weeks were just a blur, they were completely head over heals for each other.  Lameescouldnt believe what was happening she felt that it was a dream, a dream that she wished she would never wake up from. He was more than she expected him to be more than she wanted him to be in her dreams, he did everything for her, imsaweelaha “ya dhaina la tenkatain”. And the most important part was that he was serious about her and had talked to his family again, 3ashan yetqademonlaha.

One of those days, Lamees was home watching tv with her family, thinking about bader ofcourse and how lucky she is. And to her luck that day, her niece and sister were over. They chatted for a while, when Mays (Lamees’ sister) got a phone call.

Mays: aloo… hala wala… LAaaaaaa?? laish?? ……… inzain shsawe ya3ni ana magdar ayeebha!….. 5alas 5alas ok yala bye.

She was upset and Lamees had no idea why.

Lamees: shno shfeech ?

Mays: m7amad(her husband) mayegdar ya5eth dana (her daughter) iwadeeha bait 3amat’ha!

Lamees: ok ana awadeeha wain bait’hom?

Mays: ee wala 7abeebti matgasreen!! hneeee ib qe63a 6!

Lamees freezes. There was only one house ili a3arfa ib qe63a 6! It cant be his house!!

Lamees: aah… mayser il sayeg iwadeha?

Mays: haw shfeech! tawech btwadenha:s! yala 3ad wadeeha 3ashanii!!

Lamees: 5alas ok.

She was a duck on a pond, she seemed calm from the outside but underneath it all she was kicking the hell ut of herself! “I cant i cant take her there! what if hes there?! what am i supposed to do!…..SHIT!!” Her phone rang it was him.

Lamees: a-aloo…

Bader: sij betyeen baitna?

Lamees: WHAT! how the hell did u know!

Bader: sema3t omi itkalm i5tich… inzain yala ta3lay bashofich.

Lamees: crap… (she muttered under her breath)

Bader: haa?

Lamees: la walla shay, la shlon ashofik magdar weyay dana..

Bader: wetha ya3ni? cheni 6ali3 bara ana ga3ed ada5in oo “bil sidfa” ashofkom.

Oh god he was good there was no way out.

Lamees: MAAAAAAAAABIIIIIIIIIIII!!! aste7iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

Bader: chub o yala ta3alay.

Lamees: (Barely breathing) ok.

Bader: inzain agol..

Lamees: hala

Bader: 3ad kesh5eelii;p

Lamees: i hate u

Bader: ana amot 3alaich;)

Lamees: :$ bye

Bader: bye.

Her heart was beating so fast it felt like she was running a marathon. She had to get out of it! she had to! Butcouldnt, she headed out of her house with her niece dana without calling bader so that he couldnt guess when will she be arriving. She managed to reach the block with the help of her sister’s directions. And her heart started beating faster and faster, “i’m going to see him” she thought over and over again. When she reached the street, she could see the most perfect outline of a body waiting for her, she tried to look away but the sight mesmerised her, she never knew he was that beautiful, that tall, that broad, that….hot. she

She reached the house and he walked towards her car while throwing the cigarette bud. All she could hear was her heart beating through her ears. She stared at him like he was something else, an extra terrestrial maybe. She felt like an idiot she was staring at him so hard that she forgot where the hell she was, he started talking and she couldnt hear him, he was laughing but she couldnt hear a thing. She thought she had gone deaf from the thumping of her heart.

Dana: 5alti ba6lay il dereesha shfeeeech!!!!!

Lamees: oh.

She finally opened it and to her extremely good luck he was laughing at her and she blushed. Well it felt like her face was burning.

Bader: gowa.

He wasnt talking to her.

Dana: igaweeek.

Bader: sh3endich yaya 3indena?

Dana: kaifiiiii:D

Bader: haha ya7lailich.

Then he looked at Lamees, her heart stopped. He stared right into her eyes, he was studying her face she felt it. She felt everything, she felt his eyes on her eyes, her cheeks, her nose… her mouth. She blushed more at that thought. It felt like it was the first time seeing him, he was more beautiful closer. His slightly dark hazel eyes glistened in the dark, his skin was so soft so tanned, his lips were full and perfect. He smiled at her, she smiled back and looked away. In merely seconds it was all over he leaned away from the window and opened the door for dana, while still looking at lamees. He shut the door turned away and put his arms around dana smiling, talking, laughing. She wished she was dana right now. He looked back at her flashed her a heart stopping smile and went in.

“I’m DEFINITELY dreaming!” She drove back home, day dreaming and in la la land.

Her Mother: ha ga6aiteeha?

Lamees: ee yuma.

Mother: ta2akadtay inha dashat?

Lamees:ee, *sigh*

Mother: mno ya 5athaha?

“Oh crap”

Lamees: Bader.

Mother: lail7en t7ebenaa?

And it all came crashing down on her in a matter of seconds.

Lamees: laa yuma.

Mother: 3abali b3ad.

How could she be this blind? How could she not see this coming when she actually knew this years ago! she knew exactly what her mom had said that time in the car. She practically said “atbara minich”.

She fell on the bed and felt her whole world came crashing down, she knew at that moment, that Bader and Lamees, might never be.

**to be continued**
Note: I'm so sorry for taking long to post its just that ive been feeling down the last couple 
of days. Oo atmana inkom tsam7oni oo u like this part ;* Oo plus yatni zafa ams so purely o style 
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Another Love Story (part 6)

What have i done. What have i done? what the hell am i doing!

Bader: aloo, shfeech reday 3alay?

Lamees: Shfeek am joking wala ;p

“6a3 meta betrage3a il i5t!!”

Bader: tawech itgolen u used to have a crush on me? You dont anymore?

Lamees: haw laaaa!! eheheheh wana yahel bas;p

Bader: aha

“Ok did i just hurt him? What is he thinking omg panic attack!”

Bader: inzain plz give me your number.

Lamees: la bader laish if u want to tell me something tell me now.

Bader: magdar ana al7en ga3ed 3ashanich bil dawam, lazem a6la3 al7en plz i need to tell u something.

Lamees: tell me now.

Bader: 3ala ra7tich.

silence took over, she stared at the screen horror struck, “why did he want my number? Shno il shay il tharoori ili yabi igoli ili he cant tell me now?” The sound of msn had cut her thoughts.

Bader: Lamees

Lamees: hala

Bader: tathkeren mara yeetay bait yadeti bil 3eed?

Lamees: kil 3eed ayee.

Bader: ee bas fee 3eed min il a3yad yetay 3indena, kintay labsa purple. Remember?

Lamees: i think so madri mathker!

Bader: kintay labsa a purple dress.

“Shloon yathker hatha!”

Lamees: Okaaaay??

Bader: 7ata ana oo 5alood (his cuzn) kina wagfeen jedamich, chan agola 5alas gumt a7ib il loon il banafseji 😛

“i actually do remember him saying that, but i thought i had imagined it.”

Lamees: lol min sijik! why!

She wasnt playing dumb at that time, she was actually dumb. Too dumb to realise what was going on.

Bader: 7ata mara athker lama re7na il shalaih kintay labsa il pull over mal gap tathkereena? ili lona a7mar.

“what the hell!? Leh hal daraja hes interested in my fashion sense ya3ni?”

Lamees: ee?

Bader: Lama re7t london kawadt mina kil il alwan lana shefta 3alaich chan a7iba..

Lamees: eheh, what are you saying bader?

Bader: am saying ya THAKEYA ina min awal mara sheftech ib 3irs 5ali wentay labsa hal nafnof il abyath o 7a6a madri shno il shay il abyath 3ala sha3rich i felt something for u…

Lamees went speechless motionless and brainless..

Bader: so ili ga3ed agola ina mo bas intay ili you had a “crush”.

Lamees: aha

“aha” was all she could say at this moment.

Bader: oo i still do.

Something wasnt right. She wasnt convinced. He was lying she thought he must have! Why now why today? Is it a coincidence ina it was on valentines day? Wela nafs ma fakerat ina he was lonely o lega another lonely person?

Lamees: u still do??? shlon ya3ni u still do?

She started losing her temper, she was convinced that he was lying and playing with her emotions.

Bader: Lamees, ana tara already imkalim umi oo i5ti 3anich. Bas makent 7a6 amal.

Lamees: Shnooo?! shlon mkalemhom ya3ni?

Bader: gilt 7ag umi o galat wel ni3im 5osh bnaya bas tawha sgheera, o my older sister galatli ee 5osh bint laish la?

She was definitely dreaming, she started to smack her face a little to wake up, but she didnt this was real. It’s happening now. He told her that he liked her, the guy that she fell in love with all those years is confessing his feelings for her on MSN! Why arent i happy she thought? Why arent i smiling at least?!

Lamees: i dont believe you.

She spat out. She wanted to be cruel and she wanted to hurt him, and she couldnt explain why.

Bader: Lamees ana makent aro7 bait yadeti kil 5amees bas lama darait ina intay itzoreena gumt aro7. Shno tabeen akthar min chethi b3ad?

She took a moment to think about it, it was true, he didnt used to go to his grandmothers house ila after a while. He used to look at her and stare at her, but her insecurity was so stubborn to believe.

Lamees: why are you telling me this now? Shma3na ilyom?

Bader: wala il 3athem i wasnt planning to tell u anything, ever. I told u, i thought u had someone.

Lamees: oo mno galik?!

Bader: Lamees shfeech mo mohim hal 7achi al7een. Do u still have feelings for me aw la?! plz golili!

Lamees: madri.

Bader: well i do. Oo now i know you dont have someone, am not going to stop trying. Do you know il shi3oor ili u see someone and u dont know them well, bas u feel ina that person belongs to you no matter what?

“Yes i know exactly how that feels”

Lamees: La what do u mean?

Bader: tathkeren theek il mara lama sara sawatna invite? tadreen shsar feeni? magedart anam min il wanasa, lana i finally talked to u. Bas ham 7asait ina i already knew you min gabel.

Lamees: 3ayal laish il yom ili warah ra2san taghayart?

Bader: lana ib nafs il yom wsalatni il ma3loma inich itkalmeen wa7ed wet7ebena.

Lamees’ brain finally clicked.

Lamees: was it sara ili galatlik?

Bader: ee ;/ bas plz latyebenlaha 6ari.

Lamees: i wont, bas 3ala ay asas.

Bader: ithaher 7asat ina i liked you.

Lamees: aha.

Bader: can i have your number now?

Lamees: i dont know.

Bader: plz 3indi 7achi wayed abi agola, plz let me just tell you o u could decide, i wont call u or msg u if u want anymore bas i need to tell u few more things.

Lamees: aste7i.

Bader: yala 3ad!!! 3a6ini ur number;p

Lamees: bas msgs, i dont want to talk to u on the phone.

Bader: i promise.

She gave him her number, and he signed off.

She had no idea what she was waiting for. She stared at her phone in her hands, still in shock and still motionless, except for her heart that was beating so hard she felt it through her throat. She received a msg and saw it.

“Wala il 3atheem Lamees, you have always been the one.”

**To be continued**

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