Another Love Story (part 6)

What have i done. What have i done? what the hell am i doing!

Bader: aloo, shfeech reday 3alay?

Lamees: Shfeek am joking wala ;p

“6a3 meta betrage3a il i5t!!”

Bader: tawech itgolen u used to have a crush on me? You dont anymore?

Lamees: haw laaaa!! eheheheh wana yahel bas;p

Bader: aha

“Ok did i just hurt him? What is he thinking omg panic attack!”

Bader: inzain plz give me your number.

Lamees: la bader laish if u want to tell me something tell me now.

Bader: magdar ana al7en ga3ed 3ashanich bil dawam, lazem a6la3 al7en plz i need to tell u something.

Lamees: tell me now.

Bader: 3ala ra7tich.

silence took over, she stared at the screen horror struck, “why did he want my number? Shno il shay il tharoori ili yabi igoli ili he cant tell me now?” The sound of msn had cut her thoughts.

Bader: Lamees

Lamees: hala

Bader: tathkeren mara yeetay bait yadeti bil 3eed?

Lamees: kil 3eed ayee.

Bader: ee bas fee 3eed min il a3yad yetay 3indena, kintay labsa purple. Remember?

Lamees: i think so madri mathker!

Bader: kintay labsa a purple dress.

“Shloon yathker hatha!”

Lamees: Okaaaay??

Bader: 7ata ana oo 5alood (his cuzn) kina wagfeen jedamich, chan agola 5alas gumt a7ib il loon il banafseji πŸ˜›

“i actually do remember him saying that, but i thought i had imagined it.”

Lamees: lol min sijik! why!

She wasnt playing dumb at that time, she was actually dumb. Too dumb to realise what was going on.

Bader: 7ata mara athker lama re7na il shalaih kintay labsa il pull over mal gap tathkereena? ili lona a7mar.

“what the hell!? Leh hal daraja hes interested in my fashion sense ya3ni?”

Lamees: ee?

Bader: Lama re7t london kawadt mina kil il alwan lana shefta 3alaich chan a7iba..

Lamees: eheh, what are you saying bader?

Bader: am saying ya THAKEYA ina min awal mara sheftech ib 3irs 5ali wentay labsa hal nafnof il abyath o 7a6a madri shno il shay il abyath 3ala sha3rich i felt something for u…

Lamees went speechless motionless and brainless..

Bader: so ili ga3ed agola ina mo bas intay ili you had a “crush”.

Lamees: aha

“aha” was all she could say at this moment.

Bader: oo i still do.

Something wasnt right. She wasnt convinced. He was lying she thought he must have! Why now why today? Is it a coincidence ina it was on valentines day? Wela nafs ma fakerat ina he was lonely o lega another lonely person?

Lamees: u still do??? shlon ya3ni u still do?

She started losing her temper, she was convinced that he was lying and playing with her emotions.

Bader: Lamees, ana tara already imkalim umi oo i5ti 3anich. Bas makent 7a6 amal.

Lamees: Shnooo?! shlon mkalemhom ya3ni?

Bader: gilt 7ag umi o galat wel ni3im 5osh bnaya bas tawha sgheera, o my older sister galatli ee 5osh bint laish la?

She was definitely dreaming, she started to smack her face a little to wake up, but she didnt this was real. It’s happening now. He told her that he liked her, the guy that she fell in love with all those years is confessing his feelings for her on MSN! Why arent i happy she thought? Why arent i smiling at least?!

Lamees: i dont believe you.

She spat out. She wanted to be cruel and she wanted to hurt him, and she couldnt explain why.

Bader: Lamees ana makent aro7 bait yadeti kil 5amees bas lama darait ina intay itzoreena gumt aro7. Shno tabeen akthar min chethi b3ad?

She took a moment to think about it, it was true, he didnt used to go to his grandmothers house ila after a while. He used to look at her and stare at her, but her insecurity was so stubborn to believe.

Lamees: why are you telling me this now? Shma3na ilyom?

Bader: wala il 3athem i wasnt planning to tell u anything, ever. I told u, i thought u had someone.

Lamees: oo mno galik?!

Bader: Lamees shfeech mo mohim hal 7achi al7een. Do u still have feelings for me aw la?! plz golili!

Lamees: madri.

Bader: well i do. Oo now i know you dont have someone, am not going to stop trying. Do you know il shi3oor ili u see someone and u dont know them well, bas u feel ina that person belongs to you no matter what?

“Yes i know exactly how that feels”

Lamees: La what do u mean?

Bader: tathkeren theek il mara lama sara sawatna invite? tadreen shsar feeni? magedart anam min il wanasa, lana i finally talked to u. Bas ham 7asait ina i already knew you min gabel.

Lamees: 3ayal laish il yom ili warah ra2san taghayart?

Bader: lana ib nafs il yom wsalatni il ma3loma inich itkalmeen wa7ed wet7ebena.

Lamees’ brain finally clicked.

Lamees: was it sara ili galatlik?

Bader: ee ;/ bas plz latyebenlaha 6ari.

Lamees: i wont, bas 3ala ay asas.

Bader: ithaher 7asat ina i liked you.

Lamees: aha.

Bader: can i have your number now?

Lamees: i dont know.

Bader: plz 3indi 7achi wayed abi agola, plz let me just tell you o u could decide, i wont call u or msg u if u want anymore bas i need to tell u few more things.

Lamees: aste7i.

Bader: yala 3ad!!! 3a6ini ur number;p

Lamees: bas msgs, i dont want to talk to u on the phone.

Bader: i promise.

She gave him her number, and he signed off.

She had no idea what she was waiting for. She stared at her phone in her hands, still in shock and still motionless, except for her heart that was beating so hard she felt it through her throat. She received a msg and saw it.

“Wala il 3atheem Lamees, you have always been the one.”

**To be continued**



  1. amethystos Said:

    I knew it was the slutty cousin!

  2. wannnaaasaa =D

  3. B Said:

    aaaaaaaaww! so cute πŸ™‚

  4. heeyaaah !

  5. Enchantuer Said:

    eheheh sorry it took me long u guys ;**

  6. um-mit3ib Said:


  7. jooj Said:

    awwwwwwww sooo cuteee!!
    bsss ana b3ad 7sait it was the cousin ili galtla ina 3ndaha 7ad! wallah ilbanat mayn36on wyh ;P

  8. awwwww!!
    7abbaita!! 7addy 7abbaita!! =D

  9. Dee Said:

    im soo happy LOL! ;p

  10. anonymous Said:







    akheeeran !!!

    mabaghaw !!! ..kolololoooooooooooosh πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    *telfa7 men el far7aa*

  11. dandoon Said:

    7adi 7asait ina it was sarah!

  12. Sh7afana Said:

    awwwww… but be careful! hes cute and ya7laila bes BE CAREFUL GOD DAMMIT! that used to be me.. and look where i ended up..

  13. archer612 Said:

    Wa2a5eeeran! off πŸ˜› LOL!

    Aham shay he remember the color of the dress πŸ˜›

    Like Sha7fana said.. I hope Lamees does be careful.

  14. Style Express Said:

    i waaaaaaaaaaant Moooooooooooooooooooooooore(8) – like Ariel from Little Mermaid!

  15. cinamonia Said:

    is this based on a real story?;p cuz they are too good to be true:P

  16. hq Said:

    i waaant him!!
    and i want the next chapter!!

  17. Enchantuer Said:

    loooooool thanx kilikom ;*** inshala next chapter is coming out soon !!

  18. CeCe Said:

    Oh my God! Ambaih… 7seit ene back to my teenage years. Ahhh… 7adda cute el story. Abe b3d! ;P~

  19. Enchantuer Said:

    hehehe yeah πŸ˜› laita il shababa ya3odoo yawman;p 3eshtaw

  20. Amu Said:

    awww….be careful…!!! but thats a cute story…

  21. Enchantuer Said:

    thanx amu πŸ˜€

  22. purelyorchid Said:

    wohooo now the fun part starts!! mo itna6reena wayed;p I love her thoughts;p she’s such a girl… saying the exact opposite of what she feels just to seem all cool and in control… when in reality.. MA7AD CONTROOOOOL;P

  23. Enchantuer Said:

    Loooool!! ;p ee wala ma7ad under cantroooooool! ;p

  24. Sourire Said:

    Woww, more πŸ™‚

  25. Enchantuer Said:

    enshala ;p

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