Another Love Story (part 7)

The next couple of weeks were just a blur, they were completely head over heals for each other.Β  Lameescouldnt believe what was happening she felt that it was a dream, a dream that she wished she would never wake up from. He was more than she expected him to be more than she wanted him to be in her dreams, he did everything for her, imsaweelaha “ya dhaina la tenkatain”. And the most important part was that he was serious about her and had talked to his family again, 3ashan yetqademonlaha.

One of those days, Lamees was home watching tv with her family, thinking about bader ofcourse and how lucky she is. And to her luck that day, her niece and sister were over. They chatted for a while, when Mays (Lamees’ sister) got a phone call.

Mays: aloo… hala wala… LAaaaaaa?? laish?? ……… inzain shsawe ya3ni ana magdar ayeebha!….. 5alas 5alas ok yala bye.

She was upset and Lamees had no idea why.

Lamees: shno shfeech ?

Mays: m7amad(her husband) mayegdar ya5eth dana (her daughter) iwadeeha bait 3amat’ha!

Lamees: ok ana awadeeha wain bait’hom?

Mays: ee wala 7abeebti matgasreen!! hneeee ib qe63a 6!

Lamees freezes. There was only one house ili a3arfa ib qe63a 6! It cant be his house!!

Lamees: aah… mayser il sayeg iwadeha?

Mays: haw shfeech! tawech btwadenha:s! yala 3ad wadeeha 3ashanii!!

Lamees: 5alas ok.

She was a duck on a pond, she seemed calm from the outside but underneath it all she was kicking the hell ut of herself! “I cant i cant take her there! what if hes there?! what am i supposed to do!…..SHIT!!” Her phone rang it was him.

Lamees: a-aloo…

Bader: sij betyeen baitna?

Lamees: WHAT! how the hell did u know!

Bader: sema3t omi itkalm i5tich… inzain yala ta3lay bashofich.

Lamees: crap… (she muttered under her breath)

Bader: haa?

Lamees: la walla shay, la shlon ashofik magdar weyay dana..

Bader: wetha ya3ni? cheni 6ali3 bara ana ga3ed ada5in oo “bil sidfa” ashofkom.

Oh god he was good there was no way out.

Lamees: MAAAAAAAAABIIIIIIIIIIII!!! aste7iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜₯

Bader: chub o yala ta3alay.

Lamees: (Barely breathing) ok.

Bader: inzain agol..

Lamees: hala

Bader: 3ad kesh5eelii;p

Lamees: i hate u

Bader: ana amot 3alaich;)

Lamees: :$ bye

Bader: bye.

Her heart was beating so fast it felt like she was running a marathon. She had to get out of it! she had to! Butcouldnt, she headed out of her house with her niece dana without calling bader so that he couldnt guess when will she be arriving. She managed to reach the block with the help of her sister’s directions. And her heart started beating faster and faster, “i’m going to see him” she thought over and over again. When she reached the street, she could see the most perfect outline of a body waiting for her, she tried to look away but the sight mesmerised her, she never knew he was that beautiful, that tall, that broad, that….hot. she

She reached the house and he walked towards her car while throwing the cigarette bud. All she could hear was her heart beating through her ears. She stared at him like he was something else, an extra terrestrial maybe. She felt like an idiot she was staring at him so hard that she forgot where the hell she was, he started talking and she couldnt hear him, he was laughing but she couldnt hear a thing. She thought she had gone deaf from the thumping of her heart.

Dana: 5alti ba6lay il dereesha shfeeeech!!!!!

Lamees: oh.

She finally opened it and to her extremely good luck he was laughing at her and she blushed. Well it felt like her face was burning.

Bader: gowa.

He wasnt talking to her.

Dana: igaweeek.

Bader: sh3endich yaya 3indena?

Dana: kaifiiiii:D

Bader: haha ya7lailich.

Then he looked at Lamees, her heart stopped. He stared right into her eyes, he was studying her face she felt it. She felt everything, she felt his eyes on her eyes, her cheeks, her nose… her mouth. She blushed more at that thought. It felt like it was the first time seeing him, he was more beautiful closer. His slightly dark hazel eyes glistened in the dark, his skin was so soft so tanned, his lips were full and perfect. He smiled at her, she smiled back and looked away. In merely seconds it was all over he leaned away from the window and opened the door for dana, while still looking at lamees. He shut the door turned away and put his arms around dana smiling, talking, laughing. She wished she was dana right now. He looked back at her flashed her a heart stopping smile and went in.

“I’m DEFINITELY dreaming!” She drove back home, day dreaming and in la la land.

Her Mother: ha ga6aiteeha?

Lamees: ee yuma.

Mother: ta2akadtay inha dashat?

Lamees:ee, *sigh*

Mother: mno ya 5athaha?

“Oh crap”

Lamees: Bader.

Mother: lail7en t7ebenaa?

And it all came crashing down on her in a matter of seconds.

Lamees: laa yuma.

Mother: 3abali b3ad.

How could she be this blind? How could she not see this coming when she actually knew this years ago! she knew exactly what her mom had said that time in the car. She practically said “atbara minich”.

She fell on the bed and felt her whole world came crashing down, she knew at that moment, that Bader and Lamees, might never be.

**to be continued**
Note: I'm so sorry for taking long to post its just that ive been feeling down the last couple 
of days. Oo atmana inkom tsam7oni oo u like this part ;* Oo plus yatni zafa ams so purely o style 
this one is for u ;** LUV U ALL BLOGOFRIENDS!!!!!!! 


  1. for me:D yaaaaay!!:D i thought i said 2! yala more more !

  2. Enchantuer Said:

    u know greeed is one of the 7 deadly sins ;p

  3. B Said:

    i looooooved this part! especially lama dana galat “khalti ba6lay idereesha” LOOL it made me laugh cuz 7atana kint mndamja!! πŸ˜›

  4. aaw..! More !=)

  5. Dee Said:

    since its all fiction khalena nestanes;/

  6. Enchantuer Said:

    B: yeah that was stupid of her ;p

    Charm:inshala ;**

    Dee: i didnt say its fiction, and i didnt say its non fiction ;p

  7. jooj Said:

    noooo laish il om cheeeeee :((((((
    aahhh so typical..

  8. um-mit3ib Said:

    will happen qasben 3ala 3ain ele yaboooooooha

  9. Enchantuer Said:

    jooj: shiftay shlon ? 😦

    um mit3ib: inshala lool!! ;p

  10. waaaaaaaaaaay 3al um =S

  11. Enchantuer Said:

    shiftay shlon ;p

  12. awwww!!
    im starting to see trouble 😦
    laiiiiiish!! why cant we just have a happy ending for once! 😦

    btw, i owe you a story πŸ˜‰
    check my blog when youre free πŸ˜‰

  13. Enchantuer Said:

    ooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! πŸ˜€ A NEW STORY!? πŸ˜€

  14. yup yup πŸ™‚
    la3yoonik πŸ˜‰

  15. PaLoMiNo Said:

    yaaaaaaa rab yetzwjoooooooooooooooon ;****

    btw is it a true story?? :>

  16. amethystos Said:

    Eksarat kha6ri khalas;(

  17. Enchantuer Said:

    dandoon: yaaaay πŸ˜€ thank u :$

    Palomino: maybe maybe not ;p

    amethystos: me 2 😦

  18. anonymous Said:


    laaaish laaaaaish !!! :\

    latshofeen wayhee o ana agra el post men bedaita lee akher part o ana πŸ˜€ .. wayhe eb yenshaag men el ebetsama o waaaaay .. ya7elwaaaaaaaaa. wanasaaaaaaaaaa .. awwwwwwwwww o el wayh eb yenhaag

    lama wesalna part el om .. fa’a :\ .. laish ya3ni .. shhal na7asa .. ka Mays .. huuuuf .. al7eeen 3asabt

    ma7abeet omha .. eseer tende3em o etmot ? LOOOOOOOL

    aby happy ending

    la7tha la7tha .. el qesa sijeya ?? .. etha sejeya mes7ay el sa6er eli were i want her to die πŸ˜› .. etha mo sejeeya .. wede lo you consider it bel qesa πŸ˜› .. for the sake of the happy ending ya3ni πŸ˜€

    loool .. yalla yalla i likeeeeeee loooooooooong poosts πŸ˜€

  19. Enchantuer Said:

    heheheeh anon ;p inshala ako happy ending ull just guna have to wait and see πŸ˜‰ eheheheh

  20. mar8adoosh Said:

    plz 5alytzawijoon 😦

  21. Enchantuer Said:

    inshala agolohom ;p

  22. delicatelyrealistic Said:

    Waaaaaay garait 6 and 7 all together….7adich baradtay chabdi !!!!

  23. Enchantuer Said:

    hehheheh;p inshala doom galbich mestabred:P heheheh

  24. Sh7afana Said:

    weeee.. is he that gorgeous ? πŸ˜›

  25. Enchantuer Said:

    heheheh yup ;p

  26. 3anooda Said:

    aaawww – thats too cute – but im trying to find the parts before this. i dont wanna read the last 2 parts laima iachoof shinu 9ar fil bidaya

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