Another Love Story (part 8)

This is by far the worst thing that might happen to her, just when she finally had her dream come true, and the guy that she loved all those years FINALLY returns that love for her.. It had to end. She wasn’t ready to lose her family over anything. It killed her, she went to her room shut the door and slammed on her bed, crying her eyes out. “I have to end it!” She sobbed repeatedly. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, they felt endless. Just like her love to him. Her phone rang, it was him. What was she going to do? She fought back her tears, and picked up the phone.

Bader: ha shga3ed tsaween?

Lamees: nothing ta3bana wedi anam.

Bader: Laa? matshofeen shar shfeech?

Lamees: madri walla shakli bastamreth.

Bader: 7abeebti matshofeen shar. Tabeen tnamen al7een?

Lamees: ee.

Bader: ok, bas bagolich shay.

Lamees: shno?

Bader: 3umri ib 7ayati ma7asait ini mestanis o 6ayer chethi. Sij ghayartay 7ayati, o adri ina yom min il ayam intay betsereen murti.

Lamees: me 2 .

Bader: 5alas intay naamay o itha baghaitay shay dgay 3alay ok?

Lamees: ok.

Bader: good night.

Lamees: Good night.

She felt as if her heart was torn out of her chest and cut up into pieces. But his words changed her mind, “I’m not going to give up” She thought, “The least i could do is try.”

That night Lamees cried herself to sleep, and dreamt that Bader got married and he lived happily with his wife, while she stood looking at them, staring, hear heart in pain, it seemed too real. This dream shook her up, she had to do something, soon.

Days passed, while she carried that burden on her shoulders. She carried the battle between the most people that she loved in her life, her family and the only man that she loved.

Bader noticed that she changed, he kept on asking her what was wrong? But she kept on making excuses or attempts to change the subject. Until one day he blew up on her.

Bader: intay matgolinli shfeech? 3abalich ma7es? 5ubz eedi intay sirtay! adri ina feech shay o 5asheta! it shows! bas gelt 5al an6er ymken ihya min nafs’ha tgooli! Lamees please golili tara masarat wayed galbi ga3ed yetga6a3 3alaich! ana mza3lich ib shay? imgaser ib 7agich? a7ad imthaygich?!

Lamees: la wala il 3atheem la.

Bader: 3ayal shfeech? Please golili.

His voice sounded weary, and she felt like shit for making him feel that way. She broke into tears, she couldnt hold it in anymore.

Bader: afa lamees! shfeech?! allah i5alech golili latga63een galbi shsayer?!

Lamees: bader omi..

Bader: shfeeha omich! feeha shay?!

Lamees: laaa ! la !

How could she say this without hurting his feelings! “my mom matabi iser baini o bainik shay lana mathhebik ghair mathhebi?!” It sounded so stupid as she said it in her mind.

Bader: goolay.

He sounded really weak and out of breath.

Lamees: bader, please abi tefham gabil la agolik ay shay. Ina this is not how i feel, and you have to know shkether ana a7ibik.

Bader: golay, allah i5alech golay.

Lamees: bader omi mo rathya a5eth wa7ed min mathhebik.

She heard him sigh, and he fell silent.

Bader: oo shma3na maysa ma5tha 5aali?

Lamees: Mays is not happy Bader, my parents could see that, and they blamed it 3ala il mathhab.

Bader: How is she not happy ya3ni?

Lamees: mo merta7a ma3a rayelha .

Bader: adri its going to be a problem lamees if we get married, bas ana weyach we could overcome anything, ra7 itseer mashakil adri! bas it wont be a major one!

Lamees: bader i know!!! i told u hatha ray ahali mo rayee ana ! shsawee?! shlon aqna3hom.

Bader: Lamees, mako a7ad yegdar yogaf ib wayhna, ana ma5thich ma5thich!

She wanted to believe that, she wanted that to happen more than anything! But could it happen?

Another week passed oo ohma 3ala ib 7aala wayed sa3ba. She cried 24 hours a day, she didnt eat and didnt sleep. But bader seemed to have hope more than she did, and that made it harder for her. She didnt want him to have his hopes up.

One day Lamees was watching tv in her room, when she heard a knock on the door and it was her mother.

Mother: sh3alaaaaaaaich! Yayeelich 5e6a6eeeeb!

Lamees: Heheh sij? mno? ;p

Mother: bas geltlihom binti tawha sghayra! walaw ina mo hatha il sebab.

Lamees: huh?

Mother: tadreen mno?

Lamees: mno?

Mother: om bader liflani.

**to be continued**


  1. wanasa!
    hes serious!
    7addy 7abbaita 🙂

    bs i hope she puts up a fight for him, she seems to have lost hope 😦

  2. heeyah ya bader 3aash!
    allah e3eena 3al um =/

  3. Enchantuer Said:

    rabena yostor;p

  4. delicatelyrealistic Said:


  5. anonymous Said:

    yumaa! ana feta7ta chan ashof hal “LAAA” gabel el post shino shsar !!! waay ekhtara3t :S khal agta\

  6. anonymous Said:

    waaaaay D.R khara3atne 3ala hal LAAAA

    zain ashwa taqadam .. wala 7ata ana 7adee 7abait bader .. ya7elwa o he have hope 😀

    enzain shsaaar .. lat6awleeeen!

  7. Enchantuer Said:

    dr: 5ara3teehom eheheheh ;p laa shno ?

    anon: ee wala just makes u wish ina ako more of them out there doesnt it ? ;p

  8. um-mit3ib Said:

    way3a tsheeeeel il om ;p
    ma3iny against different math’hab marraiges bs KHAL YETZAWAJHA

  9. Enchantuer Said:

    latad3en 3al um 7aram;/ she just wants whats best for her daughter and her marrying him doesnt seem like the best idea to her, oo why are u against that! 😛 itha people metfahmeen i dont think it would be an issue isaraa7a !!

  10. Sourire Said:

    I’m against it too but I WANT THEM TO GET MARRIED AAAAAHHH 😦 btw mino el she3e o mino el sunni?:P

  11. amethystos Said:


  12. Enchantuer Said:

    Sourire: i think its best not to clarify 3ashan mayser 7azat 5a6er ;p

    amethyst : ee 😦

  13. hq Said:

    i hope everything gets worked out 😉

  14. Enchantuer Said:


  15. Ruby Woo Said:

    tara ma9akhteeha. ana ili gulbi tiga6a3. fa yalla abe il qi9a kilaha ib sa7ba wa7da ib part 9 which is the finale. Please??

  16. Enchantuer Said:

    taw il nas ;p its looooooong story;p

  17. Sh7afana Said:

    weld 7alal hatha..

  18. Enchantuer Said:

    heheehhe ee weld 7alal;p

  19. 3anooda Said:

    aaaawwww – int min t3arfeen qi9itee??

    nafs il shay 9ar wiyay lakin it was not a happy ending. inshallah hatha happy ending laneh wald 7alal

  20. Enchantuer Said:

    eeee lana hal moshkela isara7a wayed tseer min na7yat il mathaheb ;/ it sucks!

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