Another Love Story (Part 9)

“What? How could he be that reackless! How could he not tell me! 7a6ni jedam il amr il waqe3! I cant believe he did that”

Lamees: oo laish matwafqon ya3ni?

Mother: oo laish awafeq! awalan o oho il aham ohwa mo min mathhabna! 3abalich ba5alech mithil i5tich! la 7abeebti sim3ay kalam omich o sem3ay nasee7ti o i5thay wa7ed min mathhabna! aham shay il deen tara!

Lamees: bas yuma ana abeeh!

Mother: Yanaitay? shtabeen eser fe oboch o i5wanich tara ma7ad bewafeq!

Lamees: yuma ohwa 5osh wa7ed!

Mother: Lamees! tkalmeena sa7!?

Lamees went quiet, she had to tell her mother the truth.

Mother: itha itkalmeena 3irfay al7en intay ga3da tthay3een wagtich! oo ta5seren ahalich fa a7sanlich insa7bay. Ya i7na ya oho!

Lamees fell into a deeper hole, omha sakerat kel el beeban ib wayha. But she didnt give up she kept trying, and trying for days and weeks and months. But when the problem grew, her father found out. He wasnt happy with his favorite child, she was always his favorite and hated to dissapoint him. But this time she crossed the line. And like her mother, sakar kil il beeban ib wayha. She had only one thing to do. To break up with bader, and break both their hearts.

It wasnt easy, infact it was one of the hardest thing she had ever done. It felt like she ripped her own heart out and stepped on it repeatedly. And what made it harder was, the last word she heard him say “Karahtich”.

She believed that, even if sounded fake she beleived it, cuz she hated herself too. She tried to be his friend, she tried to be there for him. But everytime she tried he drew further and further away. Now she was convinced that he hated her, just as much as she hated herself.

She saw him occasionally after they broke up, but he was cold, colder than ice. He wouldnt even look her way. She felt weak and defeated, she still loved him. And wondered how could he stop loving me that easily. She spent months and months crying herself to sleep, she wasnt alive, her parent felt guilty and treated her even better than before, they got her anything she wanted, the even got her a new car. But that didnt make her happy, she walked around like a lifeless creature, lurking in the halls, she kept herself busy with anything, and she got better grades and managed to raise her gpa and get on the honors list. Even THAT didnt make her happy, she even got a scholarship to get her masters abroad. THAT! didnt even make her happy eventhough it was another dream come true. But the dream she always wanted, will never come alive.

A year later, also on valentines day. She went out with her mother and sister, they were talking casually. And ofcourse her mother pulled out the marriage card.

Mother: inshala i5tich tetzawaj madri shna6ra ta5arejat o kil ma wa7ed yetqadamlaha it6ali3 feeh 3aib o matabeeh.

Lamees: yuma shfeech abi akamil derasti o derasti aham shay 3indi al7en. tawni sgheera!

Mother: shno sgheera!? ili ib 3umrich tezawejaw! wentay 7athretech betsafreen tadresen bara!

Mays: yuma shfech lataghsebenha 3ala shay matabeeh!

Mother: o mno gal ini ga3da aghsebha, bas il zawaj seter! o ib qamthat 3ain ymeron il sneen. o rfethatlaha 5osh reyayeel wala!

Lamees: yuma bas plzzzzz!!!

Mother: allah yhadach bas, shofay waala kilman ib 3umrich tezawaj, ya7eloha bint 5altich eb 3ers’ha thak il yom.

Lamees: allah ywafeg’ha yuma.

Mays: ee kelman ga3ed yetzawaj al7een, Bader shakelhom ib ya56ebonla. (Mays didnt know the whole story about bader and lamees)

Her heart sunk, “ay bader ay bader?!”

Mother: ay bader?

Mays: weld i5it rayli.

Her heart sunk even deeper. She couldnt believe what she was hearing. Her bader?! “MY BADER?”

Mother: siiij mnooo???

Her mother also seemed stiffened.

Mays: Bas mo akeed 7achi.

Mother: ee mno n3arfha?

Mays: ee sara bint 5alta.

**to be continued**


  1. sara eli 5arabat bainhom??!!

    please golay la2!!

    ambaih la2 enchanteurs elpost 8aharny la2 may9eer

    laish ma galatla the reason that she brokeup!!

    ambaih la2 may9eeeer shino hatha!! :@:@

  2. laaaaaaa mo saroooh!

    my heart sank with lamees’s =(

  3. Enchantuer Said:

    dandoon: imbala she told him the reason, bs he was in denial at that time u know?

    JE: eee malega ila hal sheefa 😦

  4. zain oho 5a6ab nafs elsara eli 5arrebat bainhom??

  5. Enchantuer Said:

    yup ! the slutty cuzin!

  6. anonymous Said:



    LAAAAAAAAAAAAA latgoleeeeeeeeeeeeeen :””(

    waaay engamat galbe laaaish laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaish

    ok encha mo ga3da ashof el happy ending abi el happy ending weeenha :””(

    oooo al7eeen ba9eee7 zain 😦

  7. Enchantuer Said:

    laaaaaaaaa 😦 latabcheeeeeen!!! just read along o ill try my best to make u feel better 😦 ~

  8. Enchantuer Said:

    o ba3dain na3am !? meta sertay private!! :@ i wanna see ur blog!! :@ ma3arf shlon i register !!!

  9. ana baroo7 abchy m3 anony…wallah thag 5elgy 😦

  10. Peony Said:

    aaaaa777 aaaaaa777 aaaaaaa7…. that’s like a knife went right into my heart!!!! Enchantuer, please… part 10 pronto!!!!!

  11. Enchantuer Said:

    dandoon: nooooo 😦 i want happy readers !

    peony: smela 3laa ur heart! 😦 inshala soon soon!

  12. Sh7afana Said:

    la !! 😦 she cant have him!!!! NO !!!!!!!!!!! i refuse to believe how this will end.! fighht harder..

  13. Enchantuer Said:

    eheheh ;p hold ur breath there is more to come;p

  14. anonymous Said:

    i just closed it for a while it will be open soon enshallah 🙂

    ee dando0n ebchay ma3aay wala sij thag khelge ..

    encha etha manazaltay part 10 tara bensawe corver 7ag le9yaa7

    sara ! saraa khalesaw banat el dera sara !!!


  15. B Said:

    this cant be happening 😦 ma lega ila the slutty cousin!!

  16. delicatelyrealistic Said:

    Akhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!


  17. Enchantuer Said:

    anon: olrity! inshaala part 10 coming soon;p

    B: shiftay shlon:(

    DR: 😦

  18. um-mit3ib Said:

    akarer.. malat 3al om

  19. HOULIEE Said:

    Way mayseeer chthii!!
    My heart got broken with lameees 😦
    I read all 9 parts at once..
    It’hagaaain yitzawijoun?!

  20. Ruby Woo Said:

    hal sara yabeelha min i’adibha 3adil o tarani jahza bas achfis chmoomi waroo7laha..

  21. NOOOOO !!='(

  22. jooj Said:

    obaaaih! il 7aqeer il 5ayin il ‘3ashash! .. k2ni 3sht il door shwy 😛

  23. amethystos Said:

    Damn! Not her;\

  24. Enchantuer Said:

    um mit3ib: ;/

    ruby woo: eee eee 6igeeha!!!

    jooj: 7aram mo 5ayin shesawe ? 😦 sij thooqa araf bas shensawee ;p

    amethyst: eeeeeee 😦

  25. hq Said:

    noooo way!!!
    that cant be true!

  26. Jawa Said:

    Plz plz next part!!!

  27. mar8adoosh Said:

    i hate the mother and sara .. allah la ywafighum ;p

  28. 3anooda Said:

    ambaih ma gadart a9bur – wainhum part 1 to 6!!!

  29. Enchantuer Said:

    Houlie: inshala yetzawejooon ;p

    hq: i knw 😦

    mar8adoosh: b3ad shetsawe il om 5ayfa 3ala her daughter its her right to feel that way;/

    3anooda: haw mawjoodeen on previous posts, shofay bil calendar.

  30. Enchantuer Said:

    jawa: inshal soon ;p

  31. sugar Said:

    allaaaaaaaaaah tawni agra il story 3ajeeeeeba keep it up

  32. Enchantuer Said:

    glad u like it sugar ;p thanx!

  33. anonymous Said:

    ya Encha :@ .. mino part 10 :@ bel3eed :@

    e7na ebro7na me7tareen men hal post :@ etha 7a6aitay post bel 3eed o e3awer el galb tara mako 3ayade :@


    yala post khal a3ayed gabel el nas (A)

  34. HOULIEE Said:

    Pleaase pleaase KALMLAY ;p!
    6oul ilyoum wanaa achayek ur blog itha you posted the story ;p!
    yallaah 3aaad ;p
    ou adree masakht’ha baas 6awlaaay il post ;p?
    Thank you!

  35. Enchantuer Said:

    hehehe anon oo houlie;p part 10 is the last part a6wal post oo i promise akteba gabel il 3eed dont wrry ;p

  36. Style Express Said:

    when r u gonna write #10!! YAAAALAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!:'(

  37. Enchantuer Said:

    ne6raaaaaaaw 3ad YA7!!!!!!! 😛

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