Hello loved ones im so sorry , my laptop 5arban and am waiting for it to get fixed 😦 so till then ;* IM SORRY AGAIN!



  1. Anonymous Said:

    tsk tsk tsk

    yalla ya laptop get fixed :@

    *teg3ad bel zawya eedha 3ala khadha tan6er*

  2. sugar Said:

    yalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we r waiting 4 a new story:)

  3. weeeh! bad laptop BAD!

  4. huuf! We missed u!

  5. me miss you! 😦

  6. tartar Said:

    dear enchanteurs, , bader and lamers story was the first one i read on your blog,,,,, nice wallah. so you better get your laptop fixed and write us something new,,,, waiting 3lah a7ar mn aljamr

  7. Anonymous Said:

    ok lemeta :@

    im offering to buy you a new laptop 😛

  8. Enchantuer Said:

    anon: am sorry i kept you waiting 😦

    sugar: inshala ill try my best to write a new one ;p

    je: ee wala shiftay shlon 😦 5awan feeni ;p

    charm: i missed u 2 ! ;*******

    dandoon: missed u more !

    tartar: awwww am glad u liked the story ;p inshala i will someday ;p

    Anon: looooool la 5alas i fixed it ;$

  9. Meticulous Said:

    why hello there darling 🙂

  10. Enchantuer Said:

    hello back to u darlinger 😛

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