Near Death Experience #3: Hit By a Train.

When: 1997

Where: Boston, Massachusetts.

Remember habat il game boys? wasnt it the best? I had a see through one that day. I was walking bil subway WHILST playing with my new gameboy. Let me tell you something, THAT WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Why: Cuz i got so into the game that i lost focus on everything around me, all i was hearing were the mario sounds on the teeni tiny device, i was winning i had just gotten to a higher stage. What i didnt realise was, i was walking diagonally heading on the right side instead of straight, and what was on my right side? Yep, the train.

So i kept on walking and walking, heading for that speeding, huge scary train to hit me.  There were three steps left for me, to step right infront of the train. I heard the horns of the train going ballistik, but what i didnt know was that they were for me. 2 steps left for me to be infron of that train, and i heard distant screams of my name. Then i looked up and everything was suddenly crystal clear i had stepped the final step right infront of the train, i couldnt move or think, and everything went slow motion, i saw the driver panic and gesturing for me to move, but i kept staring, i could still hear my mom shouting in a distant, i saw my cuzin running so fast towards me, “she’ll never make it on time” i thought, I saw strangers looking at me waiting for me to do something, isaw evertying. Then i closed my eyes expecting myself to die

BUT! i was yanked from the back of my shirt that i landed on my butt SO HARD. I fell on my back staring at the cieling still shocked. I saw her, It was my cuzn, my beautiful savior! Then my mom came running and cussing at me while i was still lying on the floor , in pain. “intay 7mara! maynona! matshofeeen?! wain li3btich hathi 3a6eneyaha”.

Oh well i bet she was used to it by now:P

***Coming to you live from Enchanteurs brain***



  1. -eyes wide open shocked-
    You don’t have a PSP?!?!? Do you??

  2. omg!
    omg ya bnaya!
    entay kil 8e9a 3andch weirder than eli gablha!!


  3. zwena Said:


    all am thinking of is i dont want to be ur mother 😛

    allaah e9aber galbha 3al yaay 😛

    bs great applause for the hero cozin

  4. Anonymous Said:


    laa laa laaa laaa ma asadeeg ma asadeeg ma asadeeg !!

    sakaitay 3ala leg6awaa 😛 loooooooool esmela 3aleech

    i cant believe these incidents are true!! .. they’s too weird to be true .. to scary to be true !! . ya3ni mara .. mareteen .. bs laam entay tharabtay el raqam el qeyase !!

    looool but i still think they’re funny 😛 lool

    9afga for the beautiful hero 😛

    P.S: gamjay lon el kha6 :\

  5. Enchantuer Said:

    Blu: loool yeah i do bas i make sure not to use them in subways ;p eheheh

    Dandoon: eheheheh :$ shiftay shlon ;p

    zwena: loool ee wala 7ata my mom doesnt want to be my mom ib hal seba 😛 ehehhe

    anon: eheheeh shiftay shlooon :$ ooo i cant mo rathi yetghayar il loon madri laish !:@ :@ :@ :@ :@


    waaay smillah 3alaich killa mawaqif!

    by the way.. i’m LOVING the post signature at the end.. the comming to u live line.. u should always end ur posts with it =)

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