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Near Death Experience #3: Hit By a Train.

When: 1997

Where: Boston, Massachusetts.

Remember habat il game boys? wasnt it the best? I had a see through one that day. I was walking bil subway WHILST playing with my new gameboy. Let me tell you something, THAT WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Why: Cuz i got so into the game that i lost focus on everything around me, all i was hearing were the mario sounds on the teeni tiny device, i was winning i had just gotten to a higher stage. What i didnt realise was, i was walking diagonally heading on the right side instead of straight, and what was on my right side? Yep, the train.

So i kept on walking and walking, heading for that speeding, huge scary train to hit me.  There were three steps left for me, to step right infront of the train. I heard the horns of the train going ballistik, but what i didnt know was that they were for me. 2 steps left for me to be infron of that train, and i heard distant screams of my name. Then i looked up and everything was suddenly crystal clear i had stepped the final step right infront of the train, i couldnt move or think, and everything went slow motion, i saw the driver panic and gesturing for me to move, but i kept staring, i could still hear my mom shouting in a distant, i saw my cuzin running so fast towards me, “she’ll never make it on time” i thought, I saw strangers looking at me waiting for me to do something, isaw evertying. Then i closed my eyes expecting myself to die

BUT! i was yanked from the back of my shirt that i landed on my butt SO HARD. I fell on my back staring at the cieling still shocked. I saw her, It was my cuzn, my beautiful savior! Then my mom came running and cussing at me while i was still lying on the floor , in pain. “intay 7mara! maynona! matshofeeen?! wain li3btich hathi 3a6eneyaha”.

Oh well i bet she was used to it by now:P

***Coming to you live from Enchanteurs brain***


Professor McGorgeous

I cant even begin to explain on how BLANK my brain is, sarli sina ga3da a7awel afaker ib shay akteba BAS MO RATHI YE6LA3 SHAY! LAISH?!

So i decided to do what i do best, and it is to improvise. SO this post is coming to you live from my oh so mediocre brain. So, since you love my horror stories (meaning my most embarrasing moments;p) Im going to think of one.

OH! did i tell you i have a crush on one of my proffesors?! He is so dreamy and intimidating. I LOVE HIM! too bad he’s married and had kids. So let me tell you what happened in class today.

As usual his lecture was going by so BEAUTIFULLY with his brilliant ideas, as he was explaining how important and issential literature is in our lives he asks:

Professor McGorgeous: so what does literature give us, and what is the question in literature…

Me: (cutting him off) What is life?

Professor McGorgeous stares at me for 3 seconds and says: Wow, beautiful amazing. And what is your name?

As he turns around to write those three words on the board.

Me: enchanteurs.

He turns around and stares at me again for a GAZILLION SECONDS.

Professor McGorgeous: Enchanteurs, that is a name i must always remember, beautiful beautiful.

ISNT HE DREAMY?!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHH!! and i melted in my seat!!!!!! and felt my face turn red and felt ALL envious eyes were on me !!! I WAS THE QUEEN OF THE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***coming to you live from enchanteurs brain***


Guess Whoz FINALLY Back? ;p

Yep im back ;p i fixed my laptop min zeman bas i got so caught up weya il jam3a and all that crap. FUN! So am so sorry again! im back now, tegderoon tzefooni if u want! ;p

Sooo let me tell you what happened in the past few weeks..

Ummm, i started jam3a :s …

aaaaaaaand………….  omg NOTHING!

So tell me whats new with u ? min il 3eed. 😀


Hello loved ones im so sorry , my laptop 5arban and am waiting for it to get fixed 😦 so till then ;* IM SORRY AGAIN!

Sorry my peeps

adri i havent been a good blogger min beda rmethan bas min awal yom irmethan oo ive been sick;/ oo im not getting any better as a matter of fact im getting worse oo 7adi in a cranky mood. Just as soon as i get mhy spirit back ill make it up to u i promise ;* sorry again

Have u seen this?

Ok 6ab3an ana lay3a chabdi min shay isma da3ayat bermethan ! oo bsebat’hom matabe3 wala mosalsal!!!! bas this da3aya i donno i love it! kil may7e6onha astanis!!! oo il sbay !! OMG could he get any cuter! am so adopting him ooo soota iyanin mashalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! i gotta give it to zain this year isara7a best da3ayat hathi oo qa6oora amazing *clapping* …

Back to Reality.

Im in love with Poland. One of the cleanest, freshest, greenest place ive ever been to.

Baitna kan ib Loknica (woknisa) and it was the cutest house ever! It was in a very small town i doubt its even on the map ;p  So ya3ni ashkara mako internet!! 😛

We went to the closest city it was a 30 minutes drive, (Byastok) It was ok-ish! Bas il jaw wayed saa3ad ina 5ala kilshay a7la!!

Madri shfeeni im out of words;/ 6ool il safra wana bas afakir shakteblikom! oo bas jabalt il laptop gafalt! oh well hope these pictures will yaghnooni 3an il kalam ;p (YA INTAY!!!)

Greetings From Poland!;p Finally…

Heelloooooow!!! wa2a5eeran am in poland oo wa2a5eeran got me some internet ;p ib bait 5aliii… oo 3ala fekra il mokan 7ada 3ajeeb ill show u pics oo mani gadra akteb 3adil lana my annoyiing cuzn ga3ed yegra ili ga3da akteba right now!! :@

see u again soon ppl ;**

Greetings From Turkey!

Helloow my peeps,

I type to you with tired fingers, tired eyes, and tired ass. (sorry had to say that)

I’m in Turkey now (transaiting) 3ala golat 5aali ;p for 5 freaking hours ! Then heading for poland, lemme tell how this little trip of ours is gunna be.

First things first 6ayaratna 6arat bil sima il 3ali il sa3a 2 il fayer oo il 7ilwa enchanteurs mirtaza il sib7 min il sa3a 9 (dont ask why! cuz i dont freaking know! :@)  ok so 4 hours min kuwait leh turkey, then transaiting for 5 hours, then min turkey to warsaw 1.30 or 2 hours, ba3dain min warsaw to our house in a car for 2 hours. yep, BEAUTIFUL! 😀 am so freaking happy!! and not tierd at all !!!

anyway lail7en wisihn ina ako internet in poland cuz we livin bil reef! (crossing fingers) see laters pplz!








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