Another Love Story (part 5)

It was valentines day, and lamees was home. Single. Again. She signed in MSN, and HE was online. She was too deppressed to talk to him. But she wondered why was he online at this time? It’s already 5, he should have left work by this time. And she heard the beeping sound of msn, and her heart stopped for a mini second. It was him.

Bader: Hii..

Why was it so hard to believe that he was talking to me she thought. Is it cuz i havent talked to him for ages? Shisalfa shel 6ari?

Bader: Are you there?

“Oh lail7en ga3ed ikalemni!”

Lamees: halaw, yeah am here.

Bader: Shlonich?

Lamees: il 7imdela u?

Bader: am ok.

Lamees: Good:D doom.

She was breathless, why was this so hard?! mo awal mara akalma!! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN!

Bader: ilyom valentines day, shemga3dech fel bait? mako plans?

Lamees: Hehehe, i could ask u the same question.

Bader: ana bil dawam.

“Hmm ya3ni hatha ili gathbek dawam” she thought?

Lamees: why are u still at work anyway? dont u get off at 5?

Bader: wala mla7tha! ee i do, bas gilt asalim 3alaich wamshi.

Na3am!? faj2a…

Lamees: ehehe ok 3ayal i wont keep u long;p

Bader: its ok solfay thayeg 5ilgiii…

“Men sija hatha ? nazel 3alaih cupid? shakla he got lonely this valentine too and looking for company.”

Lamees: why?

Bader: madri i guess valentines has that effect on people.;p

“Ya3ni sa7, he got lonely oo ga3ed igazerha 3alay…. Bastard.”

Lamees: aha.

Bader: so sij, ma3endich someone to celebrate this day with?

Lamees: Lol, no i dont.

Bader: 7ilfay.

Lamees: wala il 3atheem, haw! laish?

Bader: madri i find that hard to believe.

Lamees: and why is that?

Bader: bas chethi;p

“Ok abeek tel3ab ib my emotions akthar! What is he doing to me?!”

Bader: inzain ya3ni wala mara 7abaitay?

Lamees: why all the sudden interest in this category.

Bader: madri, ive always been afraid to ask u that question, it just seemed like the right time now.

Lamees: what makes it a right time now?

Bader: umm, Valentines day?

Lamees: ooh eheh yeah. Madri did u ever love someone?

Bader: ee akeed.


Lamees: and you dont anymore.

Bader: i dont have someone.

“that wasnt an answer to my question.” She let it pass, she didnt want to know anything that would break her heart.

Bader: inzain sij u dont have someone?

Lamees: ee haw shfeek i told u! why do u keep asking that question?!

she started to get irritated lana the only thing that could make sense is that ohwa yabi IGAZERHA.

Bader: i thought u did, thats all. Tara u could tell me 3adi, im open minded.

Lamees: Bader itha ako a7ad 7ata ana ra7 agolik ya3ni. why do sound so sure ina i have someone?!

Bader: i thought u did thats all.

Lamees: oo shlon u thought ya3ni?

Bader: ghayray il mawtho3.

Lamees: no seriously what?!

Bader: someone told me that u did.

Lamees: WHAT?! WHO?!

Bader:I cant say.

“what the hell?!, who would tell him that?!”

Lamees: la akeed u can, its something about me.

Bader: am sorry lamees i cant tell you wala il 3atheem.

Lamees: ok, that PERSON was lying.

silence. She sat there frustrated, who on earth would tell him that! Or was he making this up?

Bader: Inzain i have to go, bas 3adi a6leb minich 6alab?

Lamees: sure.

Bader: can i have your number?


Lamees: umm why?

Bader: abi agolich shay.

Lamees: gooli hnee mala da3i u take my number.

Bader: shda3wa Lamees i7na ahal?:s

Lamees: still, ma7eb a36i my number to a guy.

Bader: bas ana mo any guy.


Lamees: out of all people, inta mo any guy adri.

She had pressed the enter button without thinking. “WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY?!”

Bader: shlon ana mo any guy?

Lamees: nothing la ya3ni mo any guy.

7awelat itrage3 bas magdarat, tebal3emat.

Bader: tell me laish ?

“you know what ive waited a gazzillion years to tell him that, im guna do it.”

Lamees: nothing shya ifashel.

Bader: shno tell me.

Lamees: i kinda had a crush on you when i was a kid.

She pressed enter and covered her face with her hand. “I CANT SEE I CANT SEE!! omg omg omg what have i done? CRUSH?! are you stupid lamees?! What the hell were u thinking!?”

Bader: bas crush?

She stared at the screen, her face burning. What was she saying? She said she had a crush on BADER. She started to panic. She didnt reply.

Bader: Lamees?

Bader: shfeech sekatay?

Bader: alooo??

Lamees: hala

Bader: bas crush??

Lamees: yeah silly crush ya3ni mo shay zood. ehehe lama kint yahel bas. Latestanes wayed 3ad! lol

Gamat it5arbe6 il bint.

Bader: you dont have that crush anymore?

**to be continued**

Another Love Story (part 4)

She couldnt believe what was happening she was finally talking to him, he said her name, he was directing every sentence, every word, for her. Finally she felt acknowledged, he was asking wain tadresen? shlon il derasa? HE WAS INTERESTED.

Sara: inzain ana a5alekom baro7 anam.

Lamees: ok Good night.

Bader: Good night.

Sara leaves the conversation and leaves bader and lamees alone. Just when Lamees wanted to close the window too…

Bader: 3adi asaweelich add?

3aaaaaaaaadi oo baaaaaaaas ?!?! ASHKARA EEEEEEEE!!!!!

Lamees: sure, 3adi 🙂

And they started talking for what felt like forever. She knew everything about him and he knew everything about her in that one conversation. It hadnt hit her that she was talking to bader yet. She felt that she was dreaming, and wished to never wake up from it. The sun came up and they have been talking freely for hours. It was time to end it.

The most wonderful conversation ended, and Lamees went to bed with a smile on her face, thinking that tomorrow is a whole other day.

The first thing she did when she woke up was log on. He wasnt online, she changed her status to busy and walked away, and waited for him to log on. He didnt. Not for a long time, and paranoia hit her hard. Did he block me? Was i that lame? ta7asaf laish he talked to me? did i do something wrong?

Weeks passed and she finally saw him online, they talked but it wasnt the same as the first time they did. It was different, BUT WHY!? She had no idea why their conversations went downhill like that. masra3 ma he lost interest? it stayed like that until he graduated and came back to kuwait. He signs on msn for a couple of minutes or hours once every two weeks or so. oo ihya tan6era online 3ala a7ar min il jamer everyday. Just to say hi and bye. fe days where he doesnt even talk to her. O sar he only joins msn when he’s at work.

She felt invisible again, and wondered what happened.. akeed sar shay that changed his mind. What was it?

**To be continued**

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Another Love Story (Part 3)

Mother: Na3am?! Mno hatha balah?

Lamees: …. *cries*

Mother: golili mnoo?!

Lamees: Bader.

Mother: Ay Bader?! Laykon Bader il Flani!???!

Lamees: ee Yuma.

Mother: MIn sijich intay!? deray balich! matadreen ina mo mithil

math’habna?! Latsaween mithil masawat i5tich!!! Laykon tkalmeeena b3ad?!

Lamees: LAaaaa !! la la makalma walla il 3atheem!

Mother: shofay Lamees la a3arf ib yom lich 3elaqa feeh aw shay! Yawailich itha kalamteeh! shal 5arabee6! Deray balich inzain!!!

Lamees couldnt believe her ears. What was the big deal!? Just when she thought her life couldnt suck any more it did. “Shsawee ya3ni, galbi faz 7ag hatha oo bethaat hatha!”  She sat quite during the whole ride with her mom, and her mom lecturing her on mathaheb oo hal 5arabee6 that lamees didnt find that important.


Lamees: Shsawee ya3ni i cant stop thinking about him!!!

Said lamees to her best friend and cousin, she told her what had happened between her and her mother. And how Bader went off to london. And how painful that was not having to see him around anymore or hear anything about him.

Mariam: walla il 3atheem intay madri shlon sayra.

Lamees: shno laish?

Mariam: shloon t7eben wa7ed ma3umrich kalamteeeh!!?

Lamees: ee shno mo shar6 i could feel ina hes the one!

Mariam: wala mu 7ub hatha sadgeeni.. il 7ub iyee min il 3ishra inich tkalmeen wa7ed kilyom itshofena shga3ed esawe meta inam o mita igom min il noom oo it7ateena itha akal wela la.

Lamees: mo shar6 maryoom. I see him almost every week, bel shahar cham mara. I see how he is i observe him with his cousins and parents. i could tell hes an amazing guy it shows!

Mariam: madrii bas ana asameeh hatha 7ub afla6ooniii!! mo siji!! its just a crush believe me!

Lamees: just a crush !!! shlon just a crush?! u see me ana im always thinkng about him he is always on my mind!!!

Mariam: madri wala, maybe ur different. I dont know isara7a.

7ub afla6ooni?! Thought lamees, shlon ya3ni i dont really love him. Hes been on my mind for 4 years, hes been the guy ili i always see in my dreams, shlon its not real!?

But she was more doubtful than she thought, mariams words sank in harder than she thought she began to question weather if it was just a crush or an obsession or true love. It was her final year in highschool, and its been months since hes been gone and she had heard nothing from him. No matter how hard she tried to get news from her sisters or his cousins, she just couldnt get anything out of them.


Time passed and Lamees went to college where she met many guys here and there, she tried to get Bader off of her mind but she couldnt she just pretended that he didnt exist anymore. She was 18, and guys came from allover either proposing or simply te7eresh. She didnt want anyone in her life, her mind thought that she should have fun during this time, go wild, meet guys, get crazy. But she knew deep down in her heart Bader still set camp in there, and was lighting a bon fire, that surely made her heart burn by the thought of him.

One of those memorable nights, Lamees was chatting on msn with her friends, one of her friends was Bader’s “more than the usual slutty cousin”, who was telling her how she had feelings to one of her relatives and that she was trying to “it6ay7a” but couldnt cuz ohwa mayabeeha. EE FIHMAY!! mako fayda.

Sara: abaih Lamees shsawee mayabeeni.

Lamees: its ok hun, ako many fish in the sea shma3na hatha.

Sara: shdarani iff:(

Lamees: its ok its ok;p dont worry we’ll get you another one. Hehehe

Sara: inzain am bored solfay.

Lamees: me too kilsh mako salfa intay solfay.

Sara: yala tabini asawe a7ad invite?

Lamees: sure, mno?

Sara: Badoor, hes in london my cuzn, t3arfeena sa7.

WHAT! WHAT! Invite?! Bader!? INVITE?! THE BADER?! LA LA LA MABI A5AF ASTE7I She thought. NO NO NO!!

Lamees: umm, madri la fashla i dont know him 3adil.

Sara: yala 3ad! chub basawee.

Lamees: LAAAA!!!

Bader was invited to the convo. and saw the big fat LAAAA!!

Bader: shno laa? matabooni? 😛

Sara: Lool ee tgol teste7i minik!!!

Lamees wanted to throw the laptop 3ala ras sara bas

remained dead silent min il mista7a.

Bader: laish who is it.

Sara: Its Lamees i5it Mays mort 5ali m7amad.

Bader: oooh hi Lamees shlonich.

Lamees: am fine tamam how are u.

And finally they said their first words to each other, and here the story of Bader and Lamees begins.

**To Be Contintued**  

Another Love Story (part 2)

He was Bader, isim 3ala mosama she thought. She kept asking herself who is he, he better be someone she could see every day. Millions and millions of questions ran through her mind. She forgot the pain she was in and kept wondering. Mno hatha? cham 3umra? sheser 7ag m7amad (rayel i5it’ha)?

Is he looking at me? No, he couldnt be? why me? she looks behind her mako a7ad. She denied his looks and thought to herself, no way he’d be looking at me hes to good looking. “shyabi feeni ana?!”

The wedding was over, her sister went off to her honey moon and she never felt this lonely before, the house was different, Kuwait was different. However, the biggest reason that put her down was the thought of bader. Her heart ached everytime she thought about him, she was convinced she was in love.

Time passed by her sister came back and all went to normal. She started hanging out her sisters house much, she still didnt see him though, even though he was her brother in laws’ nephew. He was supposed to be there in the family gatherings waina?! She started to be friends with all his cousins and especially his sisters. She loved them so much, she loved his parents, and every time they mention his name her heart skips a beat, and apparently he was a popular guy around their extended family cuz it seemed that every girl who knew he existed had a crush on him.

But she thought she was different, she was in love with him, even though she only saw him once. He entered her heart and managed to sit there and set camp. Bader, Bader, Bader she thought. and more of that name every where, he was an illusion she could never get rid of an obsession that will never part. His name was all over her diaries, her notebooks, she played how their first conversations might go when she finally meets him. (you know sowalif morahaqa;p)

Months, LONG months passed, where she became better friends with his sister, and his slutty cuznz, she didnt mind cuz she thought they might someday bring me closer to him.

Their families have decided to rent chalets in khiran resort, she must see him there she has to!

And she did. She was walking towards her chalet and saw him in the chalet next to them, was he staring at me? she didnt know, she had her head down. She was scared to death and felt her heart beating in her ears. She walked faster and he walked parallel to her. IS THIS HAPPENNG?! she sped up and walked faster to her chalet, and felt his eyes on hero. She ran the last two steps to the door and slammed it after her! she just stood there staring at the door.


She turns so quickly her head starts to spin, breathless staring at her mother.

“Haw, shfeech?”

“wala shay”, she blushes and runs up to her room, locks the door and lays down on the bed. Did that just happen? was he looking at me? or was it cuz i was the only one there? DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!!?

Years and years passed by, her obsessions of bader grew as she did, not a day passed without thinking about him. She had seen him tons of times, many times where he stared at her but yet again her lack of confidence made her believe that he was looking at the picture frame behind her, or just simply staring at the air that happens to be next to her. She never talked to him, but had countless conversations with him in her mind.  She used to cry herself to sleep, she cries asking why couldnt this be any easier?

Little did she know, it was going to get much harder. Harder than she thought, he was travelling to london to study abroad. Her world fell apart, she wouldnt see him every thursday anymore, how on earth is she going to know hows he doing or is he sleeping or eating well?

Her mother noticed that she wasnt well, so she asked: “shfeech intay hal cham yom mo 3ala ba3thich?”

Lamees: haw laish? 3adi shfeeni. *forced a giggle*

Mother: golili shfeech laykon t7ebeeen?!

Waaay galb il om, she thought.

Lamees: la yoma itha ba7ib bagolich lat5afeen ;p

Mother: golili mno?


Mother: ok , mnoooo mnooo mnooooo? *her mother was trying to guess who!*

Lamees: waay yuma la allah i5aleech!

Mother: yala 3ad golili mno!!

Lamees’ eyes start to well up.

Lamees: yuma a7ibaa…

**to be continued**

Locked up!

Let me tell you about il salfa ili saratli a couple of days ago:

It all started when i decided to spend the night at my friends house, the night went very nicely istanasna yanaina oo fesalna oo ista5afaina shway;p

THE NEXT MORNING! was another story though;p

Woke up, at 11:50 am. Makan ako a7ad mawjod my friend (sa7bat il bait) went off to a job interview, her sister oo brother kan 3indehom dawam, my other friends meshaw ra7aw il bait they had something i dunno what tho.

Fa ana ga3adt 3ala rawa2a oo il bait fathi oo mafeeh a7ad dashait il 7amam wentaw ib karama, oo yet ba6la3 min il 7amam to go back to sleep since no one was there. (picture this ana wayed ma5tha ra7ti fa 6al3a min il ghurfa wearing boxers 3ala homer simpson oo top <lets just say, ina mo msatar>)

Fa ba6la3 min il 7amam, bas the damn door wouldnt open!! so i start to freak out and try to fiddle with the door but it WONT BUDGE!!! wag3ad taqreeban 15 minutes trying to open it until my fingers get sore(is that how u spell it?:S) anyway! LUCKILY! i had my phone with me so i call up my friend:

Sara: alo

Me: saroo wainich?!

Sara: on my way home? ha ga3adtay?

Me: umm yes, but ako moshkela.

Sara: shnoooo?!

Me: IM LOCKED IN UR DAMNED BATHROOM! AGAIN! (yes ham the night before ingefal 3alay btw)



Sara: huff, zain zain yala am coming home.

Me: OK:(

2 minutes later i hear someone, fiddiling with the door.

Me: m-m-meno??

5adama: Meee madam i try open door.

So i think, yaay! someone to save me. so i lie in the tub and call my friend wasolif 3ala ma the door gets fixed. Another 15 minutes pass, nothing!

Sara: haaaaaa! u still alive?!

Me: yes finally!! yala try get me out of here plz!!!:'(

Sara: am trying! am trying!

I wait and wait to what feels like an eternity! I hear sara talking on the phone.

Sara: yes my friend is locked in the bathroom shsawe i cant open the door!!! …. ok thanx!

So i think Yaaay ! she found a solution.

Sara: my brother is coming to open the door.


Sara: chub chub!!

Fa i think.. ok her brother meyana fa 3adi ya3ni ill manage.

oo emer il wagt wana an6er wan6er.

Sara: kaa al7een Fahad beye.

Me: WHAT !!! FAHAD?! 3ABALI YOUSEF?!?!!? (yousef is her younger brother ili ana 3adi weyah, BUT FAHAD IS HER HALF BROTHER ILI I NEVER MET IN MY LIFE!!!)


Sara: would rather stay in there?

ME: YES!!!!!!

Her brother comes, oo yeg3ad i3abil bel baab, oo ham mako fayda, so the last solution is to break down the door. and he does, oo he was so sweet yetghashmar weyay to make me feel better, didnt work but atleast he tried;p

So he drills his way in and manages to open the door oo iro7 so i could pass, fa a6la3 raketh min il 7amam oo an5ash bel ghurfa. oo il bab was slightly open and i catch a glimpse of him and he was DAMN CUTE!!

So i call out: THANK YOUUUUUU!!

Him: il 3afoo shda3wa! masawaina shay!!

and my heart melts, thinking “allah my saviour” and aroo7 asaker il bab 3ashan mayshof il 7ala il hola ili ana feeha, and the door opens again, waro7 asakra wel bab yetba6al again!!!! HA!!!

then my hero leaves, then sara comes in the room, angry as hell!


Me: WHAT?!


Me: 3ashan mayshofni haw!!



**The end** ;p

Adri post 6iweel bas would have been a cute story if he saw me and fell inlove?!:P

Another Love Story.

The music was too loud; she was too tired, too traumatized. She felt like losing a part of herself, she had to say goodbye, tonight. She was more than a sister to her, she felt like she was her second mother and her close friend. She had to fake a smile during the whole ceremony, she had to. It was her sister’s wedding. She had to be happy for her sister, because she finally married the man that she loved. The man that her family tried to keep them apart from each other but failed.

She remembers exactly how her sister looked when her dad said that she will never marry this man. She remembers exactly how many days her sister spent crying on that pillow of hers, and she remembers exactly how happy she was when her father finally gave in. All that heartbreak for a reason that Lamees loathed, a reason that seemed so ignorant. “Shno ya3ni sena oo shee3a?!”, she thought.But it didn’t matter now; she was losing one of her favorite people in the whole world.

Mays is getting married and she’s happy now, I’m happy for her. Lamees is only 13 years old she was young at heart, but acted older than her age when she wanted to.Her trail of thought was cut off by the song that makes her sad and happy and scared and excited all at the same time. It’s time for her sister to come and walk, that walk where every single girl wishes that it were she instead of the bride. “hab il sa3ad” was playing, and the most beautiful creature walks in, her eyes start to fill up with tears at the sight of her sisters beauty, she always knew that her sister was more beautiful, but never knew that she is that breathtaking.

After she sat on the “kosha” she waved to call Lamees, they hugged and cried.Mays asked Lamees to stay by her side, until the groom comes. She happily accepted and waited, and didn’t want this moment to pass. But it did. In he came, he looked so handsome, and a huge crowd came in after him.

At this moment every girl in the room shifted and moved to get a better look at the most eligible bachelors. Lamees didn’t care at this moment. But some one caught her eye, his eyes to be precise. He was looking at her, and at that moment when their eyes met. It felt like an eternity, in that moment she felt that she fell in love got married and got old with that guy. Who was he?

***To Be Continued***

Note: Ok, this is the surprise I was telling you about. It’s not much but I know how much I love these stories, and am hoping that you guys do too. The only questions that I’m not going to answer are: is it a true story? Is this your story? I just prefer to keep that fact on the low.

Back to Reality.

Im in love with Poland. One of the cleanest, freshest, greenest place ive ever been to.

Baitna kan ib Loknica (woknisa) and it was the cutest house ever! It was in a very small town i doubt its even on the map ;p  So ya3ni ashkara mako internet!! 😛

We went to the closest city it was a 30 minutes drive, (Byastok) It was ok-ish! Bas il jaw wayed saa3ad ina 5ala kilshay a7la!!

Madri shfeeni im out of words;/ 6ool il safra wana bas afakir shakteblikom! oo bas jabalt il laptop gafalt! oh well hope these pictures will yaghnooni 3an il kalam ;p (YA INTAY!!!)

Greetings From Poland!;p Finally…

Heelloooooow!!! wa2a5eeran am in poland oo wa2a5eeran got me some internet ;p ib bait 5aliii… oo 3ala fekra il mokan 7ada 3ajeeb ill show u pics oo mani gadra akteb 3adil lana my annoyiing cuzn ga3ed yegra ili ga3da akteba right now!! :@

see u again soon ppl ;**

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